What i do

For me there is nothing more powerful than you finding your voice.  From the message and story you tell yourself. to the message and story you tell others.

Working with business owners to be really clear about there business message and showing them how to develop a powerful story that will engage new clients or customers.

Dynamic Speaker

An Award Winning, International and TEDx speaker.


Working with business owners who want to speak in public with confidence and clarity

My Online store

A place to reignite your relationship with your inner child.  A Store and Event platform so you can learn to Just Love Yourself.


One of my passions is giving a stage to other speakers to spread their message to the world. I run 2 online events a year and all my coaching clients have the chance to speak and spread their message.


I love Ted Talks and having the opportunity to be part of one was the highlight of 2019.   Find out why we will never have robots doing our speaking for us.  If you want to know how to apply and get picked to do a Tedx, get in touch.

Watch Now


With so much going on around us at the moment, I wanted to share my spiritual journey with you and use my ecommerce store to help you build a home full of energy and love.

Manage the stories you tell yourself because they are usually not true.  Let your inner child out to play and remember the dreams and possibilities you had then.