Showing you how the power of YOUR story can impact your success

I believe that everyone has a message and a story to tell. When you are in business you need to be able to clarify your message so that it rises above the noise. Incorporating your story into your message, makes it unique to you and once you understand the power of your story and the impact it can have, your business will go from strength to strength.

Create buzz at your event

If you are looking for someone who will get everyone doing daft team building exercises or whooping because they are so inspired, you don’t need me. Using my experience on the Stage, I get people talking, I get them laughing. I get them emotionally engaged so they always go away knowing they have an impactful story.

Get results

The one thing I always get is RESULTS. I want people to go away with something they can use. Something new they have learnt. I inspire and I motivate people to find their own personal story.

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The Message Maestro Manifesto

Building your story

Understanding the message in your story

Connecting your story to your business

I bring a level of engagement that will have your delegates thinking deeper about what it is they do.


Incorporate your story into your product message. Engage with clients and create an emotional connection that creates repeat customers.


Let people know your story and understand your journey to leadership. Engage with people on a human level so they will follow where you lead.

Motivate and Inspire

Give people an insight into your life that has given you success. Show them how to follow your journey and change their lives.


How you give your message so that people get it, is the key to your success. Build your message for your ideal customer. Say it right and they will buy.

Want to know why we are not robots yet.

Meet the awesome people I shared the TedX Telford stage with.

The Late Afternoon show

The Message Maestro

What else do I do?

Give stuff away

I love giving stuff away.  My passion is to get you speaking, so giving you as many resources as I can is part of The Message Maestro Manifeso.

Build Communities

Bringing speakers together to create relationships, collaborative working and new learning.  Supporting each other in my online network.

Find out about coaching and events from free to paid, beginners to experts.

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  • From getting your message right to story telling. 
  • From fear to triumphant.    
  • Find out to become confident and clear when speaking about your business
  • From Video to Live streaming
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Once upon a time…..

We all love a good story. As humans, we evolved through the ability to pass on information to people through stories. In the past, storytellers were

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Why Stories or story-telling

‘Facts and figures are forgotten. Stories are retold.’ -Jeffrey Gitomer If you’re mathematically oriented then MAYBE you’ll remember the charts and graphs someone shows you

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