Get your Message Bang On

This is for you if you want to

  • Speak at networking events with ease 
  • Deliver a confident pitch so people understand what you do
  • Make your message so clear that other people are able to spread the word

Are you one of the many women in business who struggle to tell people what you do? 

Do you hate networking because of the 60-second business introduction you have to do?

An outstanding speaker who has won ‘Toastmaster International Competitions’ up to UK District level.   I have spoken at small group events up to International Conferences.   

I coach women in business to speak with confidence and clarity so that they can grow their business and shout to the world about what they do

I run a number of events through the year to give you the chance to discover your voice.  From starting up business, to writing that first book to just telling us your stories, I give you the stage to speak.

Check out what coaching is available or look for events in your area.

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Be who you want to be!

Not what everyone else wants you to be

When you speak from your own voice and talk from an authentic place that feels right to you, you will talk to the people who want to work with you and find a freedom to live the life you want and be who you want to be.