Bev Hepting | The Message Maestro

Award-winning International Public Speaker, TedX Speaker, and Coach.  An engaging, funny and thought-provoking speaker. With years of experience speaking locally and nationally, I take my audience through a journey of learning, story-building, and inspiration.

Want to get a clear message?

Do you want to speak in public with confidence and clarity knowing what message you want to give, even if you think you could never do that?   

Current Coaching Programmes

Your Business Message

Clarify your business message and see your business grow.

Present with Passion

Even if the thought terrifies you.

Stand up and Speak

Learn how to use a stage, engage your audience and become a powerhouse public speaker.

Active Speakers Club

From the terrified who just want to get through their 60-second pitch to those who want to speak on global stages.


Lest we forget

That speaking is the one thing that allows us to communicate with each other and the rest of the world. So why are some people

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Know your audience

Change your mindset

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