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It doesn’t matter if you only network, or you present on a regular basis.   Being able to speak effectively to grow your business is part of your marketing efforts and should be given top priority.  Speaking allows people to know about you.  It shows you and builds trust and the beginning of a great relationship with the people you want to work with.

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Just like Unicorns, finding the confidence to speak in public is hard to find and so you avoid it at all costs.

Just like Unicorns, great membership sites are hard to find. Discover your Voice is committed to bringing you the best and personal service to help you become great public speakers. 

Unicorns are awesome – great speakers are awesome – why wouldn’t you want to be a Unicorn

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If you want to deliver presentations, video, live streaming, podcasts, online coaching, signature speeches, talks, TV or radio interviews and a host of other ways to speak and grow your business, become a Unicorn today.

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How to deliver live streaming, webinars, coaching calls, video, podcasts and much more

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 Tell people what you do

Knowing how you solve a persons problem is key to speaking to them and getting to their emotional trigger point.  People want to know what you do for them, not your job title and job description.  Learn to get your 60-second pitch working for you.

 Where to speak

Once you know what you are going to say, you need to know where you are going to say it.  Work out where your audience is and go speak to them. Understand how using your voice effectively will attract more clients who want to work with you.

 Getting over the fear of speaking in public

Now you know what you are going to say and where you are going to say it, you just need a few tips and tricks to get over your fear of public speaking.  Find out how structure, magic words and using your authentic voice will help you get over those nerves.

 Questions and more resources

All your questions answered and a ton of other resources that will help you speak with confidence and clarity to attract the clients you want to work with and watch your business grow.

This course is part of Discover your Voice membership.   Only £15.50 per month, with access to monthly coaching call and live 1:1 zoom call.Join us! It will only take a minute


What people say about me

What people say about me

Discover Your Voice
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Emma Lynch
Emma Lynch
I have just finished creating my elevator pitch with Bev and it was amazing. Bev helped me to structure it and then also looked into the right type of language to use. The pitch is now completely different to what I had previously been saying - it's a lot more honest and passionate for a start. I can't wait to now use it. Thanks so much Bev
Fiona Viant
Fiona Viant
Bev is ab fab. I also had a 3 hour special. She sees what you need and what your unique selling point is and prompts you to make the most of yourself. She is sooo good at what she does and gets to the heart of the matter. Highly recommended and worth every penny.
Sarah Mills
Sarah Mills
Had Bev's fantastic 3 hour session . She gets to the beating heart of what your core message is and then empowers you to deliver it in a succint passionate way. Powerful stuff that will have your clients asking for more. And fabulous fun too . Best investment in you. I highly recommend.
Dawn Scott
Dawn Scott
If you are just setting up your business or are making changes to your existing one (especially the proposition) I would highly recommend speaking to Bev first. She has helped me discover my voice - and not just in the verbal/physical sense - she's helped with my tone of voice on messaging, service proposition, rebranding as well as my elevator pitch for my business. I'm not one for regret - but I really wish I had done this months ago, as it would've saved me lots of wasted time and money. I now have a much clearer idea of how to market myself and my services. Amazing!
Gill Donnell Smith
Gill Donnell Smith
Bev led one of the Successful Women Development Network development sessions at our Wimborne group, focussing on improving the attendees 60 second business intro. It was such fun and everyone got so much from it. Thanks Bev. xx
Charley Alcock
Charley Alcock
Bev is a great coach. Would highly recommend! She helped me to get clear with my message and to describe what I do naturally and with ease. Thank you so much!
Nicola Richardson
Nicola Richardson
Wow. Bev is so approachable. She got me thinking creatively in the Elevator pitch and at the same time made me realise who my ideal customer was. Words actually fail me as Bev is so good and has a real gift. Thank you Bev. Nicola Richardson
Helen Taylor
Helen Taylor
As an accountant I have really struggled to make my elevator pitch inviting and have often come across as too formal. After just one session I am now confident that I will be able to explain how I can help in a clear and engaging way. Bev really made me think about what I want people to know about my business and has helped me identify some key phrases so that I can be confident that I always start with the right message. Thank you!
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