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Your 60-second business pitch

June 6, 2017 Coaching public speaking 0

60-second business pitchWhy do I go on about your 60-second business pitch?


Because it is the most important speech you can give.   It defines you and your business in a short space of time and gives people the opportunity to decide if they want to work with you or not.

Your 60-second business Pitch is the one you will give more often than any other.


It is also the start of any other speech you begin to develop as you become more confident in your speaking.    Knowing that you have the introduction to a speech already there, will help you get over any nerves you may have with respect to your talk.   It begins your story and puts people at ease as they know what you are going to talk about and they begin to make an assessment of you.

There are key elements to a great business pitch and so many people forget the obvious things.   Such as

  • Who they are – The amount of pitches I have heard and I don’t know their name or their business.
  • What problem they solve – why would I buy anything I didn’t need
  • Why I should work with them – that one is obvious if you think about it.

Get your business pitch right and get people wanting to work with you.



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