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June 19, 2017 public speaking 0

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I have a new public speaking


Many of you will have heard my signature speech, 'My invisible friend' and how that has propelled me into creating the life I want to live.   I have now gone one further and included a whole invisible team who help me keep this business moving forward and are instrumental in helping me help you to shine. You will come across them on the website and if you do, please give them a virtual hug and a thank you. How many of you are now thinking, Oh my God, Bev has finally lost it? public speaking I use the thought of invisible friends and team to remind me that I create the world I want to live in and I create the business I want to operate with.  It is my creation and my thought process and belief that will take it to the top.    Our own limiting beliefs are the things that stop us doing what we want to do.  It is by giving in to fear and not wanting to let people down that our lives become a burden and we live in overwhelm.     Only you can make it different, as only you have the power to change what you do not like. Public Speaking is one of those things you hate and avoid.   Yet, as a business owner, who wants to succeed, you need to be speaking to people and letting them know exactly what it is that you do.   You have to get over the fear and stand in your power to shine.   You are the person holding the shine switch and you are the person who has to turn it on. Just deciding to tackle the fear is the first step and one of the most difficult, and once you have decided to tackle the fear, find someone who will inspire you to speak with confidence and clarity to grow your business.    Actually find someone just like me.    We all have struggles in our business.  Mine is Marketing.   Writing anything takes forever, when all I really want to do is speak about it.   For you, it is probably the other way around. Take the bull by the horns and decide that you are going to fact your fears, learn to speak in public and grow your business today.  

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