Smile when you speak in public

Smile when you speak in public

Do you smile when you speak in public?

It is one of the hardest things to do, and yet when we don’t smile it comes across when we speak.   You try speaking with an upbeat and energetic voice when you don’t smile.   Not easy.

I know you are nervous, I know you think the audience are all mad zombies who are going to eat your brains the minute you step on that stage.   But, even a Zombie likes to see someone smile.     The audience is not there to hurt you and if you smile at them, they will smile at you.   That’s the thing about humans’ (yes your audience are all made of normal human beings), they want you to succeed.   They want to hear what you have to say and are with you 100% unless you don’t smile, you don’t talk to them or you are just plain boring.   And I know you are not boring because what you do is amazing and you need to be spreading the word.

A note of caution though.   If you smile when you speak in public in an over the top way, you will just scare people.    If you come on looking terrified and then just grin at your audience, that won’t work either.   You have to mean it.  You have to come up to the stage with that smile knowing that you are going to help people and you are just the right person to help them.   Grinning like a maniac all the way through your speech is not normal.    Especially if your speech is something we would not normally smile about.

smile when you speak in public

My tips for you:

  • Stand ready and just relax.
  • Think about the help you are going to give to your audience

This way you can smile when you talk in public in a nice natural way that will help your audience smile back at you.


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