Public Speaking Coaching

Coaching when you want it, how you want it and where you want it.

Deliver great presentations, pitch with confidence, become a key not speaker, spread the word about what you do.

Speaking in public is a scary thing for some people.   To stand out from the crowd, you need great coaching in public speaking  from the right person who will ensure that you speak in your voice, engage with more people, grow your business and make you stand out.   

I have coached many people who hated the idea of standing up and speaking in public to deliver speeches, presentations and even deliver webinar and record video.

Live coaching

Join me in person or with a small group to discover how you can be an awesome speaker. Getting your message right, understanding how people listen so that you can engage with them and growing your business through public speaking.

Online Coaching

Join the online coaching webinars, get access to video coaching. Small courses, challenges and help to overcome your fear of public speaking. There are a number of 1:1 coaching that can be done online saving you time and travel expenses.

Your 60-second Business Pitch

Spend 3 hours online or live with me getting your pitch - pitch perfect.

Free Video Challenge

Join us on Facebook for this FREE 5 day video challenge.

VIP day

Master the art of Public Speaking with my VIP package. Looking at all the aspects you need to understand if you want to speak in public. Take your speaking to the next level.

Public Speaking

Are you already a speaker and just want to understand how to become a great speaker?

Free resources

Grab these great training resources to help you start your journey into speaking in public with confidence .


Are you a member of Toastmasters and want some help with bringing your speeches to life?

Go from Terrified to Triumphant

An easy to read Ebook giving you the resources you need to begin your journey to speak with confidence and clarity.

Be the diamond in your life

Stand out from the crowd and tell the world what you do.