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Public Speaking coaching on a napkin

May 25, 2017 Coaching 0

I had a napkin coaching session this week

Yes, a napkin coaching session that was done in 10 minutes and it was a simple answer to a simple question.

This prompted me to think, I love quick sharp learning. I don’t have the time to spend hours online learning how someone has made a bucket full of money giving webinars like this one. Or an email course that consists of me reading articles the size of a full novel every day to learn how they made a bucket full of money with this system.  I have spare capacity when it comes to time and I am sure you do too.

Napkin Coaching is something I have taken on board and love, and I am beginning to turn all my online coaching into really laser-focused coaching sessions, with fewer people, and in only 30-minutes.  This guarantees individual attention, we get right to the heart of the matter and we get results quickly that can be put into practice.  Don’t you just love that idea?

I googled Napkin Coaching, and there didn’t seem to be anything like it (at least not calling it that) so I have adopted this for me. Yes, stolen it off the shelf and introducing it as my unique way of coaching busy people.  I could become the Napkin Nanny or the Napkin Fairy.   Who knows, what is important I have found a way to coach that works to my strengths and gives people what they want.

The only problem I have is that I am a really simple kind of girl. Doing landing pages, I just want to tell you what it is, what you get and what it will cost you.  Apparently, this is not the way it’s done and I should have a landing page as long as a giraffe’s neck to persuade you to work with me.  Why would you need persuading that you should be a more confident speaker? Everyone I talk to says that is what they want, what they don’t want is to do anything about it.   I know you will all come to me just before a big presentation or pitch and hope I can work wonders.

I do work wonders, but good public speaking takes time and practice and knowing the elements that make a great speech.  These things you need to learn now.

Look out for the Napkin Coaching on the website and sign up for one.

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