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I know, you don’t think you will ever be able to get up and speak in front of a group of people.

Well your wrong. I promise you, you can if you understand the reason for speaking in public.

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Any programme you pick gives you access to The Active Speakers Club with tons of resources, online coaching and workbooks.


6 month rolling programme

Understand the principles of public speaking, finding out your unique message and how to deliver it with confidence and clarity. You can join this programme at any time and follow the programme with ease. Click to find out more.

Corporate programme

Does your Mission Statement translate to your staff? Are they giving a consistent message that ensures your clients or customers understand This programme looks at how your staff are communicating to your clients. Is the message consistent? Click to find out more.

One to One Coaching

If you want to work personally with me, you can spend the day or half day with me to show you how to be a speaking superstar. click to book an hour and virtual coffee to chat about your needs.

Why work with me

I create public speakers who speak with confidence and clarity.  Building their speaking strategy and growing their business.

An award winning speaker and coach who works with women, transforming your business by clarifying your message, which allows you to speak in public with confidence and clarity.
* Showing you how to create a message that defines what you do.
* Creating the perfect presentation to attract those clients you want to work with.
* Delivering the message with confidence so that your ideal client understands you, your business and wants to work with you.

Get so much more from the Active Speakers Club

From the terrified who just want to get through their 60-second pitch to those who want to speak on global stages.

  • Find your message
  • Find your audience
  • Manage your fear and find your confidence
  • Your speaking style
  • How to apply for speaking opportunities
  • How to build and tell your story
  • How to use local events to speak on local radio or TV
  • How to get over the fear
  • How to build momentum as you speak
  • Plus so much more.

Take charge of your fears and learn to speak in public with less stress and grow your business from the stage without being salsy and pushy.

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