Public Speaking Programmes

6-week online course

If you want to MASTER the art of Public Speaking but not ready to jump in the deep end, this online course is ideal to get the basic process under your belt and have you speaking with confidence and clarity.

Corporate Programme

Make sure your staff are speaking in the voice of your business. Do they understand the message behind your mission statement. Are they speaking about your business with confidence and clarity.

Active Speakers Club

Speaking about your business is vital to ensure your business grows. By joining the Active Speakers Club, you will get access to the best coaching available, from an award winning public speaker and coach.

I create public speakers who speak with confidence and clarity.  Building their speaking strategy and growing their business.

Want to work on a one to one basis
Let's meet for coffee either at a local cafe, or virtually online. Find out how I can help you become a great public speaker | 07942908166


Want to get your elevator pitch – pitch perfect