Bev is an engaging, funny and thought provoking speaker. With years of experience speaking locally and nationally, Bev takes her audience through a journey of learning, story building and inspiration.

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If you are looking for someone who will get everyone doing daft team building exercises or Wooping because they are so inspired, you don’t need me.  I get people talking, I get them laughing.  Sometimes I get them crying.  The one thing I always get is RESULTS.  I want people to go away with something they can use.  Something new they have learnt.   I inspire and I motivate, but I don’t do it because I have a story everyone needs to understand, I do it because I recognise the stories the audience have.   If you want your audience to be engaged, inspired and ready to make change, then I am the speaker for you.

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An inspirational speach

Bev your speach yesterday was amazing and challenging! You are a shining example of a woman who has been through some tough times and put it all behind you and move forward. Fully intend to go on a GOOD THOUGHT DIET. Thank you.

Alison Hughes

Bev’s talk went too quickly

There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I enjoyed Bev Hepting’s talk at the SWIB conference for International Women’s day yesterday. Bev’s talk was touching, funny, inspirational and a joy to hear. It’s not very often I want to cheer at the end of a talk but that is exactly what I did!

I think Bev talked for about 30 minutes, it felt like 5 and there is one thing for sure, I could have listened for a whole lot longer. It is a true talent that can hold an audience like Bev can.

An awesome keynote

Bev was one of the keynote speakers at our 2019 Successful Women International Women’s Day Conference.
She was absolutely phenomenal, had the audience in tears as well as hysterics. Such a powerful speaker, no notes, warm and engaging and absolutely on message.
We are still talking about it now!
Thoroughly recommend Bev as a keynote speaker.


Bev always leaves me wanting more. She is exciting, inspirational, funny and truthful. Whatever she has I wish she could bottle it and sell it to me!

Great keynote speech!!

I was fortunate to be a guest at a conference celebrating international women’s day. Bev gave an engaging, emotional, funny, authentic talk to around 100 women. Bev genuinely connected with her audience, we were all ‘with her’ from beginning to end. The standing ovation was well deserved.

Aline Fister

Bev is amazing

I have had the privilege of attending a few workshops run by Bev and everytime I have thoroughly enjoyed them.
She has really helped me to think about my message and everytime I see her, something new springs to mind.
I look forward to working with Bev in the future as I know it will be fantastic.

Syma Brown

Pitch perfect presentation

Recently had the pleasure of meeting Bev at the Mumprenuer momentum event her talk on getting Your elevator pitch perfect was really helpful and she had us all actively engaged from the get go. Thanks Bev, feel ready for my trip in an elevator with a potential client.


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