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Bev Hepting

Working with business owners to get their business message bang on.  Creating a message that people love to deliver and grows your business.

Do you want your audience to listen, to learn and to leave inspired to create change?

Message received and misunderstood

So often the messages we received in our past influence how we give out messages in our present.   Believing negative messages means that we are not completely confident about what we say and what we do.   Business owners have to change how they think and what they believe.  If you have done something awesome then own it.  This talk looks at how messages effect the way we think and the language we use when speaking to other people.  It is this that stops people talking in public with confidence.

Get over yourself - it's not about you.

One of the reasons people hate the idea of standing up and speaking in public is because they fall into the idea that it is about them.   They try to tell people everything about themselves, and forget that it is not about them it is about the message the audience need.   By knowing what your audience want and giving it to them means that it becomes a win win situation.   Losing the ego and remembering the most important people are those in the audience allows you to really get to the point and solve the problem your audience have.

Make your message yours - Tell your story and bring your message to life

Don't sell - Use your message to show how you solve a problem

Create an authentic message - and master the art of public speaking

Present with passion - Make your message stand out

Bring your event to life

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