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Speak in public and stand out from the crowd

If you speak in public, they will come

June 2, 2017 public speaking 0

It’s true.  If you speak they will come.


People love to hear other people speak in public.


Mostly because if someone else is speaking they don’t have to.    A great way to get out of public speaking. Or, a great way to lose clients who don’t know who you are or what you do.

You may be blogging for England, you may have social media posts going out all day, every day, but that does not tell people what you are really like.  It does not show you and your brand which means it does not create trust.  People like to hear you speak, they want to see you because then they can make an informed decision about you.    They are looking for the problem you solve, and if they never hear you, they will never know that you are the answer to their prayers.

Online is so busy now.   Unlike the early days when we were all going insane to get online, to reach the other side of the world through our small screens and we read everything we saw.    It is too busy now.   Most of us want to turn off the computer, we are fed up with a number of emails we get full of rubbish and the requests for money.   You need to be doing more to get people’s attention and the best way to do that is to speak in public.

Speak at networking events, ask organisations if they want speakers, spread the word about what you do and see your ideal client flocking to hear about you.

I know you all hate the idea of speaking in public, but if you want to grow your business you need to.   You have to.   Both online and off.   Video is huge now and if you do not have a video on your website, you are falling way behind others.

So go and speak and watch them come.   Remember, if you need help, there are so many free resources here for you.


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