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May 25, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I have been working with a lovely guy who has been helping me understand the voyage of a customer on my Website.

God, who knew it was so technical to get people to 1) visit the site 2) stay more than 3 seconds and 4) click on your lead magnet.

Well, all my Emu’s are in a row now and everything works, so back to the day job of working with those of you who need to become confident speakers.  The thing with running your own business is, you have to become moderately good at almost everything. You have to be your own Manager, PR person, Advertiser, Admin, Book Keeper, Social Media Manager, Time Keeper, and the list goes on. You also have to find the time to actually do what people are paying you to do.  You can imagine how many hours you have to work to get all that sorted.

Well, I am now focussing on helping you, helping you understand the need to speak in public to grow your business.  I want to make sure your business is a success because you talk about it. You talk to other people about it and you take every opportunity to tell anyone you can about your business.  Speaking in public is a must for any business, and for a small to medium size business, it is vital. You have to be your business and you have to be your own marketing and PR.  You have to get about a bit and stalk anyone who will listen to you. You want business and the only way you are going to get it is if you tell people about it.

We all jump online and try to join the hoards of people trying to get people’s attention, and sometimes we forget our local market. We need to be famous in our local area before we can start bringing in the rest of the world.  Networking is the best way to ensure you know locally for what you do and when you network, you have to speak. You will always have to do your 60-second pitch, and often there is the chance to speak for 15 minutes and really tell people about you and your business.  I always wonder what stops people from networking locally.

You don’t have to become a professional networker. You could, if you wanted, probably attend a networking event every day of the week. But why would you? You need to attend those that have your ideal client attending or people who can refer you. It would also become so expensive and unless you are getting a return on your investment, not the best use of your budget. I have a couple of groups I network with locally, and they are all my ideal client and they always refer me.  I then approach other networking groups to talk about my business. I visit them all for a couple of meetings, because that is free, and make my decision based on return on my investment.

You need to get speaking now. You need to get your 60-second elevator pitch in place and get out there and tell people what you do. And then you need to tell even more people. If you find it scary, then jump on over to the website and get lots of help and resources to get you going.


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