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If you want to

  • Speak to your peers and share your knowledge
  • Have a message you want the world to hear
  • Speak with confidence and clarity
  • Sell from the stage without selling from the stage
  • Grow your business and make an impact

Let me show you how to get up and speak in public without the stress, even if you don't think you can.

About Bev Hepting

I am an award-winning professional, International, and TEDx public speaker, as well as a coach to many Business owners, Authors, and Artists who have gone on to speak on their own stages and get paid for it.

A programme for people who are serious about wanting to get on a stage and speak - despite not knowing where to start.

Public Speaking will ensure you become more visible and people see you as the Market Leader.   Even if you think you will never be able to stand on a stage and speak to a group of people, you can learn the 6 principles that will take you from fear to fearsome.  

A bespoke 6-month programme designed and delivered to you, to ensure your goals are met.

Gail Reynolds
Gail Reynolds
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In short Bev was amazing. Honest, understanding and straight to the point! Bev managed to pull out of me what I have been trying to do for years. Brilliant service and I would recommend her expertise to anyone thinking of wanting to speak and be heard. x
Dawn Crossingham
Dawn Crossingham
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Bev was brilliant and tutored me in writing a winning 60 second pitch plus coached me should I need to do an acceptance speech for Venus.. which made all the difference as I did win and was a nervous wreck... but her advice kept me grounded. Looking forward to our session on delivering online sesions. Bev you are a passionate and knowledgeable orator and I can't Thankyou enough.
Alexa Warner
Alexa Warner
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When you don't know how to say something, Bev has just the right words. When you find yourself going round in circles trying to get the message across, Bev put you on a straight path. Inspirational, knowledgeable, and a god send in how I would describe Bev and her services, always delivering just that little bit more, she is one of the essential services for my business. I will remain in her active speakers club for the foreseeable future

Together we will design your bespoke coaching package and get you speaking with confidence and clarity. Making an impact, Making you the Market Leader, Making you more money.

The Programme

Your programme will be based on our initial chat to see where you want your speaking journey to go and the results you want.

Your Message

The key to confident speaking is understanding your unique message. We will work together to get your message clear and unique to you.

Who your audience are and how to find them

You can't speak to everyone, so we will look at who your audience is and where they hang out. Once you know that, life gets a lot easier.

Telling your story

We all respond to stories. We will discover your unique story and weave it into a great speech that makes you the leader in your field.

Selling from the Stage (without selling)

Let's face it, we all go on stage to achieve something, and generally, that is to sell. Either your service, your book or something else. I will show you how to do that without doing a pushy annoying sales pitch

From Fear to Fearless

By now we can get to grips with your fear and stress. Learn the tricks and tips that make speaking on stage less a chore and more a direct marketing strategy. Lose the fear and gain more clients.

Where to speak and how to apply

All that is left now is to know where to find the speaking gigs that have your audience in them. I show you how to find places to speak and how to apply. Get more visibility by speaking to more people.

Let’s recap on what you get.

You get a bespoke coaching programme that suits your business and your goals.

You get 1:1 coaching from the best in the business.

You get lifetime access to my list of speaking opportunities.

You get included in my Speaker Directory that is available to event organisers.

Sam Warner
Sam Warner
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I worked with Bev when our panel chose her to speak at TEDxTelford - What Next? when I was the Licensee and Lead Organiser. We knew we wanted an authentic speaker, with a clear message and a fully developed idea. Bev was a joy to work with and we worked closely together to develop the great idea into a well-polished TEDx Talk. I found her to be professional, courteous, flexible, kind and generous. The talk itself was very well received and really made us think about communication in the future. I would not hesitate to work with Bev again in the future.
Alice May
Alice MayArtist, Author & Public Speaker
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I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Bev Hepting and I am genuinely delighted at the amazing results I have experienced as a result. Thanks to Bev, I am now confident and comfortable with speaking in public and enjoy every opportunity that comes my way to do so. Thank you Bev for working so tirelessly to support me.
Gill Donnell
Gill DonnellSuccessful Women in Business
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Bev is a phenomenal public speaker as well as a generous women who loves to help others. Her support has changed so many women’s businesses and lives in my network- a true inspiration.

Is this you?

Then let’s have a chat.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do you want to speak in public with confidence and clarity? 

Are you ready to put the work in?

Do you want to work with someone who will push you to your best.

Who is this programme for?

It is for

  • Serious Speakers who want to grow their business
  • Speakers wanting to work with the best
  • Speakers who want to be more visible
  • Speakers looking to become Market Leaders
  • Speakers willing to invest in their future

Public Speaking is more important than you may believe

Ready to jump in now. Course only £845.00

The Team helping me show you, how to increase your visibility and impact.

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