How to get started with Webinars, without the worry, in 6 easy steps

Become a Webinar Wizard and grow your business with online coaching classes.

This is a crash course on how to plan, create and run a successful webinar.

Run online classes without being pushy or salesy.  Grow your business leads without upsetting people.  Create great content that you can use again and again.

A complete step-by-step guide, showing you how to get started with webinars even if it scares you to death.

In 6-weeks you will get

A hand holding, pain free journey though the world of online webinars, as well as small classes  that will give you a fail safe process you can use again and again.

The Tools

There are a number of ways you can do a webinar today.  We will look at these tools, how they work and which would be best for you.

Your Topic

Customers don’t generally know exactly what they need, but everyone knows what they’re struggling with. The question you have to ask is ‘What is their problem and how can I solve it’

Planning your session

Your webinar needs to be well planned and it needs a structure so that people can follow it and learn from it.

Create Your Session

Now you are ready to create the slides and notes for your session.  Understanding how to upload them to your chosen webinar platform.

Marketing your webinar

After doing all this work, let us make sure that people know about it.  How to market your session will show you how to let people know what is happening and when.

Running your Webinar

Let us run through your webinar, be at home with the software and have your up-sell product ready.  

Here are eight reasons why a webinar is a great marketing tool:

  1. Webinars are Convenient: On-demand webinars are quite convenient to have because at this point, everyone has an online connection and a means to access it. Chances are, many of your business colleagues, partners, and customers have Internet access as well. Conducting webinars allow you to connect with everyone around the world without having them to leave their home.
  1. Webinars Can Help with Your Promotions: If you want to promote your site or company with the help of webinars, then it’s all possible. Webinar presentations, even informational ones, can increase the exposure of your business or company altogether. 
  1. Webinars Establish Your Credibility: By having a webinar, you’ll be able to give more credibility to your ideas. The simple act of putting on webinars will allow you, the people you’re talking to, and the people who are watching, to understand your business. 
  1. Webinars Have Huge Applications on Training and Education: Webinar live streams and webcasts can include how-to videos that showcase training. It’s the sort of training that can be done online, broadcast live and in real-time (plus archived for posterity), and offers immediate feedback from the viewer in question through real-time comments. 
  1. Webinars Can Create and Increase Having a webinar set up will allow your audiences to have a visual image of your brand, resulting in a bigger consumer base when everything is said and done. You can do it through the hard sell method of outright promoting your products or services every other break or at the start of your webcast or through subtler means.
  1. The Consumer Reach of Webinars Is Quite ImpressiveHaving a webinar, especially involving news and current events that are burning holes in everyone’s minds, enables you to reach to most people, particularly your target audience if you play your cards right. By applying creative design and marketing every time you have a webinar up and running, you’ll be able to draw an audience in and will provide for new potential leads for your site and customers for your business. 
  2. Webinars Helps Build You a Bigger Audience and Contact List: Just like with podcasts or simply having a YouTube channel, every webinar you made forges new contacts. Webinars allows you and other presenters to build an audience in the form of viewers or even other people on your panel. You can get guests on your every meeting to talk about anything related to your market.In fact, the guests themselves can serve as new contacts that could bring in a whole new audience to your business, especially if the guests you have on the webinar have their own followers.
  1. Webinars Are Cost-Effective Solutions: Webinars aren’t that much expensive and some of them are even available for free. Others have a fee, but that fee comes with the assurance of better, more flexible features and benefits. 

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