Does your Mission Statement translate to your staff?

Are they giving a consistent message that ensures your clients or customers understand who you are and what you do?

What happens when your staff have a clear message?

Better communication

Networking, Speaking, Selling - you know your staff are giving a coherent and confident message.


Your staff are going to remain with a company that has a clear message they resonate with.

Staff Training

Make it a part of your ongoing staff training so that when your staff talk about your business, they speak with confidence and clarity

About the programme

Your Staff will understand how to:

*Craft their Message,
*Understand who their audience are
*Understand what their audience wants to hear
*Structure their speech so that it has a smooth flow
*Change their thought processes so that the fear does not overwhelm them
*Understand that experience is the only real way forward
*Know what result they want from the talk they do.

Program content design

It is a mixture of workshop and speech. Using images, humour, examples and a little bit of technology the programme will show people that speaking in public effectively is the way forward in their business and their personal life.

There are workbooks available for all participants to carry on working on the programme.

Topics to be covered

Crafting a clear message
Understanding the audience you are talking to
Putting structure in your speech or talk
Creating a different thought pattern from terrified to triumphant
Where and how to get an experience of speaking in public
What are the results you want from the talk or speech you are delivering 

Choose your plan

How your staff talk about your business is more important than you may believe