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Speak in public and stand out from the crowd

What You Should Know About Speaking In Public

What You Should Know About Speaking In Public   Eventually, we all have to speak in front of others. It can be tough to graduate from school if you never do it. Perhaps it is part of your job. Use the information here to improve your speaking in public abilities. Your audience will not remain attentive…
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June 10, 2017 0

Get your ducks in a row.

I have been working with a lovely guy who has been helping me understand the voyage of a customer on my Website. God, who knew it was so technical to get people to 1) visit the site 2) stay more than 3 seconds and 4) click on your lead magnet. Well, all my Emu’s are…
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May 25, 2017 0

Motivational speaking – is it for you

Motivational Speaking Tips – Taking Cues Public speakers are always regarded as experts who are here to save us from our troubles and actually motivate us to become productive and positive thinking. There are actually all sorts of public speakers who try their hand (and luck) at becoming the next Dr. Phil. Of course, not…
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April 30, 2017 0