Stand up and speak

Learn how to use a stage, engage your audience and become a powerhouse public speaker.

Half day Practical Master class.

This is a practical masterclass, so be prepared to get up and speak in front of the group.  To be critiqued and to come away with more confidence and a whole new skill set.

What you will learn

Begin your speech

How you start your speech will be how your speech continues.  Grab them in the first 3 seconds and you will have them for the whole time.  Entrances have been known to spoil even the best speeches.  Find out how to start and how to have the audience in the palm of your hand.

Keep them engaged

Once you have them, you need to keep them.   Use your voice, your body, the stage, your props and your presentation to keep your audience enthralled.  Learn how to build a story, make them laugh, and how to keep them wanting more.

Call to action

Your job as a speaker is to get new business, raise awareness or to give a message.  It is not all about you.  Find out how to give awesome call to action to makes sure your audience do what you want them to do.

Learn from the top expert in her field.

I am an award-winning speaker who has coached many people to speak in public with confidence and clarity.  Even if you are a confident speaker, are you using every tool at your disposal to become a powerhouse public speaker?  From my time on the stage, to becoming an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practicioner and winning speaking competitions up to national level, I know how to make speakers stand out, lose the fear and create the perfect speech and experience for their audience, even when it terrifies them.  

Who is this for?

This workshop is for advanced speakers. 

Those who have given talks and speeches and want to really push themselves to become powerhouse public speakers.   You may have been paid to speak or you may have done a lot of speaking for free.  Become a great public speaker and get paid for your expertise, your knowledge and most of all because you can entertain your audience.

9th September 

10.00 – 1.00

The Ashley Wood Golf Club | Wimborne Road | Blandford | DT11 9HN

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What others say

An inspirational speach


Bev your speach yesterday was amazing and challenging! You are a shining example of a woman who has been through some tough times and put it all behind you and move forward. Fully intend to go on a GOOD THOUGHT DIET. Thank you.

Alison Huges

Utility Warehouse

Bev’s talk went too quickly


There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I enjoyed Bev Hepting’s talk at the SWIB conference for International Women’s day yesterday. Bev’s talk was touching, funny, inspirational and a joy to hear. It’s not very often I want to cheer at the end of a talk but that is exactly what I did!

I think Bev talked for about 30 minutes, it felt like 5 and there is one thing for sure, I could have listened for a whole lot longer. It is a true talent that can hold an audience like Bev can.

Tracey Rickard

Tracey Rickard Web design

An awesome keynote

Bev was one of the keynote speakers at our 2019 Successful Women International Women’s Day Conference.
She was absolutely phenomenal, had the audience in tears as well as hysterics. Such a powerful speaker, no notes, warm and engaging and absolutely on message.
We are still talking about it now!
Thoroughly recommend Bev as a keynote speaker.

Gill Donnell

Successful Women in Business
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