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It doesn’t matter if you only network, or you present on a regular basis.   Being able to speak effectively to grow your business is part of your marketing efforts and should be given top priority.  Speaking allows people to know about you.  It shows you and builds trust and the beginning of a great relationship with the people you want to work with.

Want to be an Awesome speaker?

Be Amazing

Free membership that will give you access to video replays, podcast replays and some templates and workbooks.

Be Awesome

Unicorns are awesome, so join the Unicorns and get access to monthly master class, access to published courses and all the templates and workbooks. You also get discount on any paid event.

You could be Awesomer

Zebracorns are so awesome, they only belong here and when you become a Zebracorn you get access to everything, plus free entry to any events and 1:1 coaching with me when needed.

Membership means

  • Sparkling video coaching within your own membership site.
  • Transformational templates and workbooks for you to download
  • Magic one to one coaching specific to your business from me when you need it
  • Access to the Awesome Unicorn Facebook group to share your fears, results, and awesomeness.
  • If you want to deliver presentations, video, live streaming, podcasts, online coaching, signature speeches, talks, TV or radio interviews and a host of other ways to speak and grow your business, become a Unicorn today.

Discover your Voice membership

This membership will ensure that you have everything you need to speak and grow your business.

Video Coaching

You will have access to video coaching covering all topics.

Templates and workbooks

You will get all templates and workbooks to download.

1:1 coaching

Each week you will have an hour with me 1:1 on Zoom to clarity each topic for you.

Yours for life

Once you have registered for this membership, you will have access to the materials for life.


Free membership
£ 0
  • Video and Podcast replays
  • Free Monthly coaching call
  • Workbooks and templates


Become a Unicorn
£ 27 Monthly
  • Everything from free membership
  • Monthly live Master Class
  • Discount on courses and events


Want to be a Zebracorn
£ 97 Monthly
  • As Amazing and Awesome
  • 1:1 Coaching when you need it
  • Free access to live and online events
  • Chance to speak at events

Now is the time to speak and grow your business.

I know you hate the idea of speaking in public.  I know that you don't believe you will ever be able to speak in public.   I also know that you HAVE TO BE speaking in public to grow your business.  Every time you speak you are speaking in public and all we need to do is get you over those nerves and talking from your heart about the thing you love to do.

Terrified of speaking in public 1

You must be speaking about your business

It is vital that you are able to talk about your business with confidence. Knowing exactly what you do will ensure that you attract the ideal clients and people who will want to work with you again and again.Putting off learning to speak in public will only make it harder to get going in the future, so why don't you start now. A small investment will allow you to access resources and coaching calls and get you started on your journey of speaking with confidence and clarity.

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