Awesome Women in Business

Are you an Awesome woman in Business?

The greatest joy I have is interviewing amazing woman doing their own thing in the business world.

women in business

Discover your Voice Podcast

Talking to amazing women (and the occasional Man) about their business and how they tell people what they do. Everyone has a different approach to how they speak in public and these interviews are inspiring and fun.

One of the great things in my job is talking to women in business who really make their mark in the world.    They work, they run families, they run people around, they do everything and still manage to talk to me and tell me how it is done.

Speaking to grow their business is vital and working with them to understand the art of speaking in public is a joy for me.    From being terrified to getting triumphant when they talk to other people about their business.

Women in business really are doing it for themselves and taking back power into their lives.

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