Hi. I'm Bev Hepting

An award-winning, International, TEDx  speaker and coach. 
I have always been a chatterbox.   So much so that many people said I could speak for England and win a gold medal.
However, as I got older I realised that I was opening my mouth and words would come out, but they had no meaning to the people I was talking too.   I did not really know what it was I wanted to say.
It was then I realised that talking was just the stuff that came out of my mouth when the brain had disengaged.
I needed to speak.  I needed to learn how to craft what I wanted to say so that people heard me and acted on the information I gave them.

Once I had figured that out, everything changed. I started winning competitions. I started building a bigger business and I learnt that I could change the way I spoke to get new clients and speaking gigs.

And the trick is really easy.  It is about not being too clever.  It is about having the confidence to just say what it is.

From my background in Theatre, Teaching voice and speech to adults, winning speech competitions, and speaking at a variety of events, along with my experience of working with community leaders, project management and helping fundraisers get the message right to attract sponsors, I learnt that business relies on getting a clear message to the customer or client you work with.  I also learnt that many people just did not know how to do that.  

That's when The Message Maestro was born.

I started talking to people about what it was they really wanted to say to people.  When networking I realised people would give a great job title and job description, but I still didn’t know what they did.  The problem we have is that we all want people to think we are really clever.  So our message gets complicated and we forget that our potential clients or customers do not understand the language we use in our own industry.

I started working with business owners who suddenly found a great way to talk about their business.  It resonated with their future clients and customers and suddenly they were not afraid to get up and talk in public to groups of people.

It suddenly became fun to talk about their business.


And me!

I continue speaking to groups.  They have became bigger as my business has grown.  People now pay me to speak and I speak on the international stage.   My story telling skills enabled me to do a TedX and I continue to build my speaking business as well as coaching more business owners how to speak to grow their business.