Just think what it would be like -

If you had the courage to speak with confidence,

in public, about your business.

Now you can – Now you can find out how to speak with confidence and clarity.

'MASTER' the art of public speaking

6 week online course from The Active Speakers Club.

Do you -

  • Want to get over your fear of speaking in public
  • Want to speak in public with confidence and clarity
  • Want to know your business message and tell others with passion
  • Want to grow your business by speaking to larger groups of people
  • Want to know where to find speaking opportunities online and offline
  • Want to know how to apply and market yourself and your speech
  • Want to work with an award winning public speaker and coach

You will be able to do all of the above.   This 6-week online course will give you the tools to speak in public (online or offline) with confidence and clarity.  You will get quick results and find you enjoy telling people about your business and your story.

Why work with me?

  • I have been where you are today.
  • I have a theatre background and have taught many people to speak with confidence and get over their fear of speaking in public
  • I am an NLP Master Practitioner, which means I understand how to change your mindset
  • I coach for results and ensure that you speak with your voice to the people you want to speak to
  • I am an award winning public speaker

Working with me will ensure that you –

Grow your business

More people will know about you and what you do.

Become the expert

You will become the go to person in your industry.

More collaborations

You will work with more people than you do today.

Learn from an award winning coach.

Find out how to lose the fear and embrace the triumphant.  Speaking in public is not as scary as you think if you know the process.  Understand what you need to do, begin enjoying speaking to people about your business.

What the 6 weeks will cover

  • Understand your unique MESSAGE
  • Know who your AUDIENCE are and where to find them
  • STRUCTURE of a speech makes sure you speak with clarity
  • Change your THOUGHT pattern to get over the fear
  • You can never get enough EXPERIENCE – access to speaking opportunities
  • What RESULT do you want and how to get it

We will also look at developing your speaker pack and how to apply for speaking opportunities.

6 week online course

£ 397
  • Weekly online call
  • weekly online workshop
  • Individual call with Bev
  • All workbook & Resources

6 week online course +

£ 597
  • As the basic course plus
  • Access to speaking opportunties for 1 year
  • Entry into Bev's Speaker bureau for 1 year

Take your speaking to the next level and sign up for this online course which will change the way you think about speaking in public.