Clarify your business message and see your business grow.

Knowing EXACTLY how to tell people what you do is essential to growing your business.  Taking a clear approach to tell people what you do will ensure people understand and want to work with you.  

  • If you struggle to tell people what to do
  • If you struggle with the STRESS of telling people what you do
  • Even if you think you have nailed your elevator pitch

Join us and get your business message bang on We will look at the 6 things you need to have in your business message. I will work with you and not talk at you You will end up with a GREAT BUSINESS MESSAGE at the end of this session.

Why Me?

I am an Award-winning, International, Public Speaker, TedX Speaker, and Coach.  I have worked with many, many business owners to get their business message – bang on.  I specialise in getting your unique business message out of your head, into your heart and into the hearts of people you want to work with.

Knowing what you want to say, to the people you want to say it to, is the key to building your business.

This is a deep dive coaching session

We will look at the elements that make a great elevator pitch.  We will look at your pitch and see where it can be improved.  Using the workbook we will find the problem you solve and the solution you offer.

The elevator pitch is the most important speech you will ever give.   Even if you don’t think it is a speech, it is and it is the one people will share with the rest of the world.

Make yours unique and speak in the language of your future clients so that they want to work with you and only you.


I did wonder how two hours would be filled with this topic, but when we were half way through I realised! Bev promised to “dig deep” and this is what she did for us all. It was interesting how all the participants were in businesses related to mine, so it was nice to meet them, even over the internet, and the webinar environment worked really well (one person was enjoying the sunshine outdoors!) I felt like I got a lot out of it, and would definitely recommend this to others, if they want to understand what others hear and respond to in one’s message. Bev has a knack of getting to the point, in a fun and lovely way, so you realise what she means. Very useful, and glad I decided to put this in my diary. Plus the workbook and recording are useful reminders. Thanks, Bev.
Fiona Mobbs
Your colour & Style
I came away from my session with Bev feeling inspired! Bev gives honest, helpful feedback and makes you feel comfortable from the get-go.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to hone their message and build confidence when it comes to speaking about your business.
Nina Mucalov