The world needs you

How would it feel to know, deep in your bones, that you could speak in public about your business and it  is 100%, totally, undeniably possible?  


What if you knew, without a doubt, that you could speak in public about your business and gain new clients.

Even better… what would it be like to achieve that success with less effort, stress, and anxiety—and more ease, flow, and certainty—than you’ve experienced in your business so far? 

It’s safe to say you’d sigh with relief, and smile wide inside.  

You’d clearly see all the people you’re here to serve wanting to hear you, the impact you’d have on their lives, and the ripple effect of their personal transformations.  

And you’d taste the sweetness of the freedom and next-level success you’ve been yearning for, and know it’s right there, ready and waiting for you.

Sounds incredible, right?

You need this if:

You want to finally get rid of the stress of speaking in public and learn how to communicate with confidence and clarity.


If presentations petrify you, then learn how to speak with confidence and clarity.  Stop thinking that you can’t do presentations and follow my easy step by step system.


Next time someone asks you to do a talk or a speech at an event, say yes.  Stop putting it off because it is too stressful.  Stop thinking that you can’t do it because your scared.


If live streaming sends you into a meltdown, or getting a video done for your website makes you sweat then learn how to deliver broadcasts that resonate with your ideal client.

What you will get

Your Message

Get really clear on your message. What you do, what problem you solve and find your unique words so that you can deliver it with confidence and clarity, without any stress. When you find the why, you find your unique business.

Who you need to be speaking to

Once you know your unique message, we can find the people you should be talking to. Who are they and where they hang out. Stop trying to speak to everyone, and only speak to the people who hear your message and want to work with you.

Telling your story

EVERYONE has a story. You may not think you do but I guarantee you have because you have lived. Not everyone's story is dramatic or traumatic, but you do have a story and people want to hear it. We love stories and we will pull yours out even if you think you don't have one.

Not selling from the stage

Learn how to sell from the stage, without selling. No pushy sales talk, just honest solutions to the problems people have. People buy solutions and you have the solution for them.

Getting over the fear

Everyone gets nervous when they have to speak in front of a group of people. Find out how to lose most of the fear and stress. Having great structures and a system in place will have you speaking from your authentic self.

Where to speak

Now comes the fun part. Where are you going to speak? You will have access to places you can speak at where your clients are hanging out. Whether you want to get paid or want to speak to gain clients, this is the part where we put that strategy together. How to apply, how to put your media pack together and how to be a speaking superstar.

You’ve learned a lot, took a ton of action, and are looking ahead to where you’re going next... because you're certainly not going to stop the fear of speaking in public stop you.

The things we do best

Awesome support

With a zoom call every 2 weeks, workbooks, awesome resources and access to the Active Speakers Club.

User happiness

Your success makes us happy, so together we will ensure that you have everything you need to succeed.

Save the moment

You get replays to the coaching calls, and the chance to practice with us (recorded of course) for you to use when ever you need.

Total connect

We are available by email when you need us and you will be part of an amazing community of speakers all wanting to lose that fear and stress.

people talk

Hold on!  We’re not trying to sell you on what we do. Instead, here are some speakers we have worked with that will do the hard work for us.

Free trial

All this awesomeness could be yours to experience for free for a limited time period of 30 days.  Get your first month FREE

Choose your plan

Because we want you to become the speaking superstar I know you can become, you can pay over 5 months or pay in full and get a discount.  And don’t forget you get the first month FREE

Want to know more about your coach

An award winning public speaker and coach.  I have helped hundreds of people speak with confidence and clarity, even when they didn’t  believe they could.  People who were terrified went on to become great speakers who enjoyed talking about their business.

I have spoken at large conferences and small workshops.  Sharing my knowledge and expertise in getting your message across without the stress and fear of speaking to a group of people.