Once upon a time…..

We all love a good story.

As humans, we evolved through the ability to pass on information to people through stories. In the past, storytellers were welcomed with open arms as they bought information, history, and entertainment to villages and towns. Our fairy stories are filled with morals, warnings and inspired messages that we have loved for generations.

And yet, many business owners do not see the strength of incorporating their stories into their business message. Often they tell me they do not have a story. People think that only those who have gone through trauma, or done something heroic, or achieved a great award have stories.

You are wrong.

We all have a story in us. We have our own personal stories. We have those stories of how we achieved something. We have stories about products, branding, our business. And these are all stories people can relate too.

We think that stories have to have great drama in them to be successful, however, there is drama in everyone’s story. There is a beginning, the middle bit about the journey, and the end is the achievement. It does not have to be a huge terrible thing. In fact, the closer people relate to it, the more chance you have of people working with you. A journey has to be attainable for people to buy into it, and you have the story that will just tip that edge and give you the authority and trust your clients are looking for.

So next time you think you don’t have a story. Stop and ask yourself, ‘How did I get to where I am today’. That is your story.

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