The Benefits of being a presenter

Even though the first reaction of lots of people to giving a presentation is “What do I have to do to get out of this?” there are many benefits – personal and professional – to be gained from being a presenter. Some people see public speaking as challenging and rewarding, professionally and personally.

• Financial – you might enjoy fundraising or appealing to investors • Converting people – no matter what your field, whether it’s technical, political, self-improvement, or some other area, your goal is to get the hearts and minds of other people to understand your view

• Admiration – whether it’s corporate or personal, public speaking is your chance to stand out and gain respect

• Satisfaction – giving a good presentation should leave you with a feeling of pride in yourself and your abilities and a feeling of accomplishment.

If you look at public speaking as something to be dreaded and gotten through the best you can, then you are making the least of an opportunity instead of the most. There are so many benefits you can obtain from public speaking if you have the right mindset.
You really should look at this as a chance to expand your abilities and your sphere of influence. To help you do this, write down the goals you hope to achieve through this presentation, the people you want to impress, and the message you want to leave them with. Be very specific, and if you don’t know the answers, do some research to find
out. The better you understand the benefits of giving this presentation, the better job you will do.

Once you change your mindset from that of avoidance of giving a presentation to the goal of giving a great presentation for specific reasons, you have changed psychologically into someone who is motivated by purpose. Giving the presentation now becomes a completely different experience.


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