Lest we forget

That speaking is the one thing that allows us to communicate with each other and the rest of the world.

So why are some people so bad at it. It is not that they cannot speak, they lack the ability to communicate. Communication is about listening to the other person involved. Even when we are speaking from a stage, you have to be able to read the audience, understand when things are not working and have a backup plan.

So many speakers just speak at an audience. The problem then is that the audience resent being spoken at, and as they can’t just walk out (unless you are so bad you have offended them), they have to put up with you and they just walk out resenting the waste of time and only ever thinking of you in negative terms. The last thing you want is for your audience to be telling other people not to bother attending any of your presentations of talks because they are really bad.

How do you know when you are not being effective with your audience. Are you in tune with the needs of your audience? If you have done your homework, you will know exactly what your audience needs and you will give it to them. You will have researched where your audience comes from, what they are expecting and tweak your presentation to suit that audience. Don’t speak Latin to a group of 21-year-olds, (Unless they are Latin graduates, then you’re ok).

We see our politicians getting this wrong all the time. So focused on getting their message out to everyone that they cannot actually engage in meaningful discussion with anyone. They just keep repeating themselves over and over again. You really don’t want to be that person people avoid listening too. You need to be that person people love to come and listen too. You need to be that person who presents with power and passion and really win over your audience and build your business.

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