Tell stories when you speak

Stories are a part of us

As an audience we love to hear about other people.  We love to know their stories and how they got to where they are now.

History shows that we learn through story telling.  All those fairy stories, the fables, the legends, they are ways of communicating lessons to us in a way we will remember.

Although we live in a very visual world today and people are losing the ability to sit and listen for any length of time, your story is still a powerful way of helping people understand who you are.  It gives you a chance to create a link between you and the audience.   

If you are worried about talking in front of people, you need to know that your talk has a bit of your story in it.  You need to show people who you are and why you do what you do.  People want to know who you are, they want to know where you have come from and we all love a hero in our stories.  We all love that adversity to winning plot line. And this is because most of us relate to the story you have to tell.  You are the brave one who has stood up to tell us your story, and we sit nodding our head because we may have been their and never told anyone.


Enjoy the story you have to tell.  Work out where the pivotal moments were, that made you change your life.  Where are the highs and the lows that people will relate too.  Keep people listening by taking them on your journey.  

Not sure how to do this?

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