Once upon a Tuesday –

I am a good speaker.

I wasn’t always a good speaker.

I spent a lot of my time as a child being really quiet, because every time I opened my mouth, something came out that resulted in teasing, being told to be quiet, or complete rubbish to the people I was talking to.   As a child, this is devastating and we learn to keep our thoughts to yourself as no one else really understands what we are talking about.

Be a good speaker

As I got older and started Drama classes (all because my sisters danced and I had 2 left feet), I learnt to speak through scripts and other characters.    This meant that I loved the stage and went on to Theatre school and then to teach myself.   I still needed to learn, how to be a successful speaker.

It takes more than just being able to speak to a crowd of people to make you a good speaker.  It doesn’t matter that you feel confident and can just wing it.  You have to learn to be an effective speaker.  You need to get the results you want from the people you are talking to.

So, Once upon a Tuesday, I went and learn to speak with confidence and clarity.  I learnt the basics of a good speech, and I learnt how to change peoples mindsets to make them comfortable speaking in public.

Anyone can talk, but it takes understanding to speak.


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