Get over yourself when you speak in public

Speak in public

Next time you are asked to speak in public

remember to Get over yourself.

When you speak in public, it is not about you.  It is about what information you have that your audience wants and needs.  I have not yet met anyone who attends a presentation or speech because they want to make the speaker’s life hell. They are there because you know something they don’t.

To speak in public is to share your knowledge and expertise with those who need what you have.  They want to listen to you and they want you to do well.    You just have to remember that when you stand there worrying about all the things that may go wrong and how you are terrified.    Bravery is the ability to do something you don’t want to do, but you know you have to do.     No one is going to die, no one is going to throw things at you and you have a job to do.

So get over yourself and get on with it.


When you speak in public your job:

Public speeches are delivered on many different occasions, but no matter what the occasion, hope to get the audience to accept your point of view.

Therefore, in a certain sense, all speeches are persuasive speeches:

Persuading your audience to believe your information persuading the audience to change its beliefs persuading the audience not only to change its beliefs but also to act on the changes

The purpose is determined by the type of audience you are speaking to; by the circumstances of the speech; and sometimes by the course of action that you recommend.

But, whether the purpose of a particular speech is determined by the audience, by the circumstances, or by you, preparation of the public speech must begin with the establishment of the purpose of the speech.

This purpose should be put into a sentence which is specific and concrete. A clear knowledge of the purpose in speaking is as helpful to you as a road map is to a driver. The purpose gives direction to the speech and, to a degree, governs all subsequent efforts you make.

The speaker should, therefore, begin preparing his speech by asking himself just what action you wish your audience to take.


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