Be yourself

When you first start in business, we all listen to everyone else.

We have all been there.   We take the decision to start our own business.   We love what we do and we want to spread the love to the rest of the world.   Trouble is, we then have to think about all the stuff we don’t know about.  Telling people, a website, emailing people, marketing, PR, accounts, networking, etc. etc.

What do we do then, we go and look for people who have done it before.   Those that have blazed a path for us to follow.   We go online, we follow people on social media, we pay to do workshops, online courses, mentoring.  We do to all sorts of events and before we know it we have paid hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in money to so called Guru’s and are no further forward than we were when we started.

Then the panic sets in.  Should we give up and get a job, are we rubbish at what we do, there is no more money left and overwhelm and emotions get in the way.


In all of the above, when did you sit down and listen to yourself.   When did you sit and plan how you want to run your business.   It is your business and you full of ideas and beliefs that belong to you.  Only when you are happy with the way you run your business and how you work with potential clients will you feel truly happy at how your business is running and only then will you begin to attract the clients who want to work with you and who you want to work with.

Once you start listening to yourself and begin to use your own language and magic words to explain what you do, will you feel happy shouting to the world about your business. 

Yes there are some technical things you need to learn so that you can run a website, send emails, etc.  But other people are good at that so get them to do it.   Or, decide how you want to market your business and do it your way.  When money is tight, it is impossible to pay for everything to be outsourced, and yet we pay ridiculous amounts of money for guru’s to tell us how to do things that just don’t work because our hearts are just not in it.   

Selling does not have to be in your face, you can sell in your own way.

So stop what ever you are doing in your business and take some time to listen to yourself to see if this business is your business, run the way you want to run it or are you listening to too many people. Plan your business your way, plan to succeed and JUST BE YOU.

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