Are you clear about your Business Message?

This is for the busy business owner who does not have time for long coaching programmes.


Spend one day with me online and we will discover your message, create your story, build your emotional attraction to future clients and you will be able to deliver your message in public with confidence and clarity.

Have a listen to how it works.

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Virtual 1-day Intensive VIP coaching

For the busy business owner who does not have the time to have coaching over weeks or months.

Get your business message clarified within a day.


This is what we will cover and what you will achieve.

Your message

We dive deep into what you do, why you do it and begin the process of crafting your message to your ideal client.

Your audience

Who do you want to talk to and where are they. Find out how to connect with them, how you want to speak to them and what they want to hear.

Story Telling

We build your timeline and put your story together that will resonate with your audience allowing you to speak to people who are ready and eager to work with you.