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Got something important to say? Then make it stand out by using my 6 step system to become a confident speaker.

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Do you wish you could speak in public with confidence?

One of the many challenges, if not the biggest challenge, to a business owner is having to stand up and speak in public. You watch experienced speakers work the stage, speaking with confidence and really connecting with their audience - and you wish you could do the same. Well you can. You can get over your fears and speak with confidence and clarity to get more clients. When you understand the elements that make up your fear, and are able to tackle them and overcome them, you lose the majority of the fear you had. You become a confident speaker that people love to listen to and want to work with. It's your story so be confident in telling it

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What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don't we see what our clients have to say.

I've been working with Bev over the last few months to develop my skill in talking about my business in an effective way. From giving talks and communicating clearly about my message for networking to making videos for social media and looking to the future of sharing my message Bev has been supportive, encouraging, fun to work with and helpful. Her knowledge is amazing and insights into my business have been spot on. I feel like she gets what I am trying to get across and is helping me to do that! This is soooooo much more than just public speaking!
Kerry Pocock
Make a space
Bev is a great coach. Would highly recommend! She helped me to get clear with my message and to describe what I do naturally and with ease. Thank you so much!
Charley Alcock
charley Alcock Hypnotherapy

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The power of um and how to stop umming

Want to stop umming? Then you need to know why you umm in the first place. We um, when our brain is desperately trying to find the next thing to say.   It is away for our mouths to stop speaking and our brain to catch up.    It happens when we have not really

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Public Speaking is not difficult.

Public speaking is not difficult. The actual act of speaking in public is easy. All you have to do is stand up and tell people what you want to tell them.     The difficulty comes in convincing your brain you are not going to die.    We react to the way our brain see

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Getting your Business Emu’s in a row.

I have been working with a lovely guy who has been helping me understand the voyage of a customer on my Website. God, who knew it was so technical to get people to 1) visit the site 2) stay more than 3 seconds and 4) click on your lead magnet. Well, all my Emu’s are

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