Speak with confidence VIP day

Speak with confidence VIP day

The most powerful marketing tool at your disposal is your VOICE.

VIP coaching covers the following
  • Understanding your role as a speaker
  • Knowing exactly what you do
  • Know who you are talking to
  • Know how to craft a powerful message
  • Find out how to simplify your message
  • Manage the nerves of speaking in public
  • How to speak to every person in a room
  • Speak with confidence and clarity

VIP days can take place either on line or 1:1 with me in a lovely location in Dorset. The day will ensure that you have all the tools you require to become a confident speaker and will inspire you to stand out from the crowd and grow your business.


VIP day

Join me in Dorset and get to grips with all your speaking fears. Learn to Master the art of public speaking, grow your confidence, speak with confidence and clarity. This programme is unique to Discover your Voice and will inspire you to stand out from the crowd.


Virtual VIP day

Everything a 1:1 day intails, only we do it online. We spend a couple of hours together, then you go off to work on your self, we come back together for another couple of hours, then off you go again and we finish we a final 2 hours to complete your day.

Pay full amount or over 3 months.

VIP day
VIP day (payment plan)

Pay full amount or over 3 months

Virtual VIP day
Virtual VIP day (payment plan)

Not ready to book a day with me yet?

Get a free copy of 'From Terror to Triumph' and begin your journey to confident speaking and standing out from the crowd.

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