Easier Public Speaking tips

Easier Public Speaking tips

  • Don’t you want easier public speaking

With public speaking, like most things, there is a hard way and there is an easy way. I’m one of those people who will always choose the easy way if there is one, and if the easy way will work as well or better than the hard way. There isn’t any point in doing things the hard way if the easy way works just as well, don’t you agree?

Easier public speaking can be achieved by employing a variety of tactics that work, have worked before, and will work again.

Number 1 Tactic:

Ignore all that idiotic advice about picturing the audience naked. It will only make you more nervous. Look carefully at your audience and pick out one person to speak to. If you can, make that person a relative or a close friend, and then just tell him what you have to say while those other people listen in.

Number 2 Tactic:

Know your subject well. There isn’t a better confidence builder than being very knowledgeable and confident in your knowledge of the subject. Do your research and prepare your speech well in advance of when you must deliver it.

Number 3 Tactic: 

Be sure that you are physically comfortable. Don’t drink too much of anything. You don’t want to have to make an untimely trip to the restroom. Dress comfortably and yet appropriately. If you are comfortable, your audience will be comfortable.

Number 4 Tactic: 

Practice some deep-breathing exercises just before you are to speak. The added oxygen will give you added energy and clearer thoughts.

Number 5 Tactic: 

Be organised before you begin speaking and stick to your speech plan. If you do that, you will find yourself rambling on and boring your audience. Start with a strong beginning, keep the middle part focused, and have a strong ending.


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