Become a great public speaker

Become a great public speaker

A great speaker

Understands the techniques of speaking

Understand how to breath, vocal variety and body language to engage with your audience.  Present with ease and confidence.

Learn how to


When you speak in public, you need to understand how to breath in order that you have complete control over your voice. Your breathing helps with intonation, voice variation, emotion, volume and a million other things. Never under estimate the power of correct breathing.

Body Language

We all have those annoying things that we are not aware of. You must be in control of your body language to be a great speaker.


Vocal variety is everything when you are a great speaker. Knowing how to use a pause, when to take your voice up or down and create the atmosphere you want.


A great speaker can control the audience so that they are always in tune with what it being said. Being able to work the audience is something you learn and will impact your audience so they love you.

Use of words

Understand the power of words on your audience. If you use the right words, your audience will be eating out of your hands.


Good speakers can speak off the cuff, they can wing it. So can great speakers, they just don't do it. They prepare everything and so must you.

buddies recommending me

Although an experienced trainer and speaker, I have found working with Bev enormously helpful. There is always something new to learn and for me this has been about breathing and voice projection. It is a real pleasure to work with Bev, not just because of her enormous experience, but because she makes learning fun and practical. What I have learnt has had spin-offs in many ways outside of just speaking. I have made progress as a result, which I can to put to good use in my work and speech competitions.
Rosie Barfoot
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